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Weinstein, Dr. Robert (MD)


drwDr. Weinstein is a practicing psychiatrist in Wilmington, NC. He and his entourage of animals live in a log cabin next to a swamp that they shared with his wife for 25 years. Frequent visitors include the occasional bear, many deer, slithering snakes, and a mob of insects. His daughter and grandson live nearby on higher ground. The grandson is seriously afflicted by his identification with his grandfather. Dr. Weinstein’s talent for medicine first showed in high school when he developed a transplant procedure in animals. His education includes undergraduate, veterinary and medical school at the University of Missouri. While in medical school, Dr. Weinstein performed all the research laboratory surgery for the pathology and physiology departments. And he has been an electron microscopist. After medical school, he went to St. Louis for a medical internship and on to Chicago for his psychiatry residency. He served a two-year stint in the Air Force as chief of five psychiatric units on different bases. When discharged, he then returned to Chicago to go into practice. Dr. Weinstein soon came to the life changing insight that Chicago was much colder than the Carolinas. He’s lived in North Carolina for 30 years. He has taught at three medical schools, been chairman of psychiatry for three terms at his local hospital. Dr. Weinstein has several scholarly articles and books, all unwritten.

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We Are Not Accepting New Patients.

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